March 5, 2012

Web Hosting Parking Page

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At St. Aubin Technologies, we take a unique approach to computer technology. We recognize that the computer is a powerful resource which has changed our lives fundamentally by creating a virtual global community, but we don’t focus on technology as the solution to our clients’ problems. For us, technology is the means to a greater end: the management of information.

Our services range from defining requirements to designing, developing, implementing and supporting LAN/WAN solutions involving diverse platforms and systems across proprietary networks and/or the Internet. Particular areas of strength and expertise include:

  • LAN/WAN implementation – evaluating, designing and installing network infrastructure.
  • VoIP Phone Systems – allowing greater flexibility, control and cost savings than a traditional phone system.
  • Connectivity and System Integration – blending diverse platforms into networks providing point and click access to information residing on any system(s).
  • Network Migration/Upgrade – upgrading from Microsoft 2003, migrating Microsoft XP/2003/2007 to Newer Systems.
  • Virtualization – limited down time during hardware failures, faster migrations to new equipment, migration to virtualized equipment.
  • Internet/Intranet Development – planning and implementing Web strategies, from installing firewalls and routers to implementing corporate web servers for collaboration and commerce.
  • Remote Access – providing capabilities for remote communications, remote node, and Internet connections to facilitate working from home, field and car.
  • Performance Computing – multi-monitor builds, video editing, AutoCAD, renderings, and gaming machines.
  • Training and Support – helping you to realize the full value of your technology through state-of-the-art training and top quality support.

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