Spear-Fishing Diver

What is Spear Phishing?

We’ve all heard about phishing emails and scams. This is where a hacker requests general information from you using generic terms that apply to a large amount of people, looking for a couple people to fall for the scam and give the hacker personal information. This information is then used to hack other online accounts,… Continue Reading What is Spear Phishing?

Too Much Sitting Linked to Disabilities

As your go-to IT consultants, we have a greater responsibility to not only bring you up-to-date products and increase your businesses productivity, but also to make sure you and your employees don’t develop bad habits at the computer. Articles about sitting too long in front of the computer have been around, but have you ever… Continue Reading Too Much Sitting Linked to Disabilities

Tips & Tricks: Conference Call Etiquette

Conference calls can be a quick way to hold meetings, and conferences, no matter where attendees may be. But, whether your are the host or an attendee, certain behaviors can make the call unbearable, inefficient, and unproductive. Here are a few things to do, or avoid, while on a conference call. Make sure you have… Continue Reading Tips & Tricks: Conference Call Etiquette